Saturday, May 26, 2012

 Zach fell really hard on some railroad ties and hurt his nose.  The little stink wouldn't breathe and turned purple.  I thought he might pass out.  Then, finally he took a breath.  It must have hurt really bad.  Poor little guy.
 Mommy's little Monster.  So, TRUE!
 This is Zachary's art work.  He has peeled the paint off of Mommy's walls.  NAUGHTY!
 Swinging fun.

 This is how Kylee gets her wiggles out.
We finally have our new flooring in.  We had a leak back in December and they came and replaced the floor and it was bad wood.  We had to fight with the flooring company for 5 months to replace it again.  We were completely without a floor for 8 WEEKS, so annoying, but we finally have a floor.  We had to get a different color, though.  See the difference.  It is a lot darker and golden, in color.  Where, our first flooring was reddess and lighter.  So happy to have a floor.  We love our flooring!

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